Joshua R. Simmons

A wild philosopher appears! Painfully earnest. Open source strategist, web developer, and speaker.

Josh Simmons is a short stack developer, community organizer, and North Bay local. He's been a freelancer and a startup CEO (RIP) and has worked as a volunteer and professional community organizer. Josh does open source strategy for Tidelift and serves as President of the Open Source Initiative.

Josh is recognized globally as an advocate for free and open source software, inclusive community building, and ethical technology. He works on multiple boards and is frequently sought out to advise and consult. Through this work, he builds bridges into software freedom and corporate open source, across cultural divides, and convenes all manner of stakeholders around shared interests.

More than anything else, though, Josh is a small town cat dad and happy husband. A queer man and an outdoorsman. A concert goer and aspiring aviator. He dreams of getting his university degree someday, or going on sabbatical to pursue research. He daydreams about becoming a park ranger.

You can find Josh on Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, and LinkedIn.